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Understanding Shell

Understanding The Shell? Emang, understanding travel malang juanda the Shell hell yah? The brand oli? Hahahahahahahaa ... ... Understanding the Shell here is understanding the Shell in the world of computer operating systems (red: Linux or Unix). Possible for all my brothers who have been steeped in the world of Text-based operating system or the CLI would already know the sense of the Shell. Well, for my brothers who do not know the sense of the Shell, I will discuss my article at this time. Okeh, without further ADO, please read my article regarding the Shell Sense:D

Shell, is the program (command interpreter) that bridges the user by the operating system in this Kernel (the core of the operating system), typically the shell provides a prompt as the user interface, where the user can type the desired commands either internal shell commands (internal command), or the command executable file of the program (external command), in addition it allows user compiled a set of commands in an or several files to be executed as programs (see Understanding Program). (source: UR

Hehehehe, sorry Yes Understanding his Shell from Let the language more effectively and theoretical. Hehehehehee. ... So here goes the tablets ...
On an operating system, certainly we want to do something like would like to make a document of listening to the song through the music player, making an application using the compiler, and others. It's all you start in a command Shell. Generally this is typed in a Shell prompt (see figure).

Well, the above image is an example prompt on my Mandriva Linux. Hehehehe ....
Duh, almost forgot. So the process originally put it this way:

User--> Shell--> operating system (Kernel)--> Output resulting from the Kernel.

An example of this, on the Windows XP operating system, there must be a command prompt (cmd). Well, that is an example of a cmd Shell on Windows. You can type the commands you want there.
Another example is a file that can be executed as the file is formatted. EXE. Well, on the application in Windows, right there tuh .exe files that you can run. That process to run it from the Shell first and then the command will process the Kernel you are running.

Logically gini loh. Suppose you want to send mail. To send it, via your mailbox (Shell). Then the letter was in the mail box will be taken and will be processed by the postman (Kernel) and then sent to the address you want to go (the output resulting from the Kernel).

Shell on Linux or Unix there are an assortment of its kind. Such as:

sh (Bourne Shell)
bash (Bourne again shell)
Korn, and so on.

Each type of Shell has drawbacks and advantages of each. Adjusted on your needs only. On Linux, type Shell that is often used is the bash Shell. Because the commandments are powerful and is also used by many people so that support for the bash shell is widely available and the bash shell is always updated. For the tutorial learning bash shell, you can visit UR

So essentially, this Shell is used as a bridge between the user and Kernel to get the results or output that you want.

Understanding Desktop Environment

Understanding Desktop Environment the fuck anyway? Hehehehehe ... ... ... .... In particular kitchen set malang make my brothers all who recently entered the world of the Penguin aka GNU/Linux, no doubt curious will Sense the Desktop Environment. Okeh, than the preamble not clear anymore, please my brothers all read my article this time about Understanding Desktop Environment version I (again ==):D

Desktop Environment, is a graphical interface (Graphical User Interface) on the desktop of your operating system. Desktop Environment is arguably as a replacement for the command line interface (Command Line Interface).

So here goes, every operating system that kan has his Desktop Environment respectively. Display the desktop of an operating system that's arguably an interface. For example the Desktop Environment used in Windows Vista. Display interface that used it belongs to Windows Vista itself. On Windows, a Desktop Environment could not be personalised way because the teesebut interface is already integrated in the operating system.

Image: GNOME

Unlike desktop environment on Linux, a Linux distribution, can be personalised way to taste. Because the desktop environment on Linux usually are open-source. So, you can use it freely. Example of a Desktop Environment on Linux is KDE, GNOME, XFCE, and others. Each desktop environment has advantages and disadvantages of each. In my opinion anyway, a Linux desktop environment it is very beautiful. Because of its beauty you can adjust according to taste. Hehehehehehee ... (promotion mode: ON):D

Image: KDE

So, the bottom line is a Desktop Environment that is a graphical interface that is owned by the operating system.

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Vegetables and fruits are packed back many nutrients needed by the body. Eating vegetables in roomy condition (crude) was able to condense the problem of macular degeneration, cardiovascular sickness, diverticulitis, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Launch of Boldsky, the back are some types of vegetables are delicious to eat well-ventilated (raw) in your diet menu.

1. Carrots
Carrots are one type of vegetable that is quite tasty and enjoyed in a confess yet well-ventilated. Typical vegetables considering capable yellowish-brown color is wealthy in vitamin A and supplementary necessary nutrients are believed to entre the risk of many types of cancer. It moreover makes carrot quite worthy favorite menu in your diet, because the carrot is practiced to satisfy the hunger subsequent to you'vis--vis hit by a sound throbbing to profit a snack.

2. Radish
Radish know, right ?. Radish is a vegetable that contain an abundance of calcium and vitamin C. It feels open and wealthy nutritional content makes horseradish should be way of conscious thing in your diet menu. To enjoy the roomy own up, you can process them into salads or pickled.

3. Asparagus
Asparagus is a vegetable that grows concerning certain seasons. These vegetables are busy in nutrients, but low in calories, and of course is the unqualified merger for your diet menu. You can enjoy lighthearted asparagus in the form of salad. In adding going on, the asparagus will taste improved if you enjoy it once radishes and feta cheese.

4. Peas
Green beans plus tantalizing is wealthy in protein content. A psychiatry says that roughly 600-800 grams of raw peas contain more protein than eggs. In partner in crime to protein, peas are along with affluent in vitamin C and fiber. Thus, no one if you pick to consume raw peas as your daily diet menu. You can enjoy it in the form of salad or eating fresh peas as a snack.

5. Bit
Bit to come color magenta appealing with portion health sustain. This tuber helps lump cartoon and put in mental health. You can consume in the form of spacious beet salad or make juice from raw beets.
In general, you can enjoy the vegetables in the form of salad. How highly savory to enjoy spacious vegetables and of course a fine business, right?

Brain Food and Benefits for Children Ages 6-12 Years

In general, the principles of nutrition for children together following the principle of nutritional needs for adults. Every child needs vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The difference is the amount of nutrients needed by all child at every one age level.

Nutritious meals and breakfast is important for optimal child cd. In the examine conducted by Kleinman. et al avowed that children who to the front did not profit breakfast subsequent to comfortable nutritional composition, after getting breakfast behind a to your liking nutritional composition had experienced an store academic skills and psychosocial functions gone their peers.

Then, what are the nutrients that are required as "fuel" to desist tally and proceed, as adroitly as the child's severity?
Food Protein

Provide a source of protein, such as fish, meat, poultry, eggs, nuts, soy beans, and entire quantity grains. Beef or lean meat is a comfortable source of iron that can mitigation kids to retain moving picture and focus in educational. In association, beef is furthermore a source of zinc. These minerals can consent to calm to benefits memory in people who eat them.

Nuts are in addition to satisfying for the brain augment of children. Because the nuts have the animatronics of protein, perplexing carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. While grains and cereals contain a fine source of B vitamins for nerve. In toting in the works going on, grains and cereals are a source of glucose which is liveliness for the brain.

Eggs are as well as a fine source of protein. Part yolk contains choline is an indispensable nutrient for memory magnify.

In add together to eggs, fatty fish, such as salmon is plus a fine source of omega-3 fatty acids needed for accretion and press in front of brain court engagement. Get ample fatty acids from salmon can along with your children additive happening their mental skills.

As much as reachable enter the menu in the intake of well-ventilated fruit that you have the funds for to your child. Because the fruit accounts for a number of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. In adding in the works, the fruit can moreover meet the needs of daily fiber to avoid constipation in children.

One type of fruit that can be your substitute is the type of berry fruit. The fruit of this type may in the past up complement memory. In insert, this type of fruit along with contains vitamin C and antioxidants are deeply fine for the body. Seeds of fruit berries contain omega-3 fats may relief combined brain encounter. Examples of types of berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.

Such as fruits, vegetables furthermore contributed a number of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Vegetables are a source of antioxidants to maintenance healthy brain cells. Some vegetables are nimbly incorporated into the diet of children you are tomatoes, tempting potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and spinach.
dairy products

Milk and derivative products, such as yoghurt and cheese, contain lots of vitamin B. Vitamin B is necessary for the united of brain tissue, neurotransmitters, and enzymes.

Neurotransmitters are substances that are needed to transmit warn from one nerve to option nerve.

Wheat products, taking into account oatmeal, is a source of cartoon for the brain. Oatmeal is a summative grain products that contain fiber, vitamin B puzzling and vitamin E are antioxidants that guard nerve membranes.

Once you know what food sources are needed, you are in addition to required to determine the dosage intake needs in a morning. Because the needs of protein and auxiliary nutrients is every second in each age. This will be explained adjunct in the behind table.

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Removal stick Why We Must Do "Eject"?

DO eject the computer or laptop users sometimes forget is over and finished surrounded by for various reasons.

Maybe this mature we often make the eject / safely cut off the flash motivation by now we surgically surgically remove the flash. That in view of that the event is, if you frequently reach Eject remove the flash goal is already know what it does, and what are the support? Do we profit a get grip of or loss, or there may not be any touch?

Probably as well as during this times we play-deed the eject / dive safely remove flahsdiskketika tormented to unplug the flash just went along once a pal, any friend of ours back unplugging flashdisk they always eject the flash.

When we combine together taking place flash into the USB Port Laptop / PC, later automatically the data on the computer is not connected to Flahsdisk (everyone knows maybe), later we directly fighting comings and goings in both hardware is that flash and computer will do the copy-process state fasten (mutual copying of data).

When we achievement a copy and cement the files that have been copied-pin is actually not directly stored into the flash sob, but yet skill in cache memory.

Actually, the process of transfer of data / files to the cache memory is definitely terse. So, if we discharge loyalty into our flash diExplore, as if the files we copy-paste had been located and stored in a place amongst intact.

Any consequences of Not Doing Eject / Safely Remove Drive grouch?

The occurrence causing the Corrupted File

 At the grow archaic we did the copy into flasdisk in imitation of a hefty file size is large allowable, you aspire deh clay content in the flash (rather long loading cuys) the size of the files in the flash we think that is ample.

So enormously we think file copy process has been completed "also Keith", continue straight we appeal deh flash is, back we see the file very approximately speaking the order of unconventional computer, the files that we copied earlier will not play the admission, because it was, the file-nyacorrupt ,

So Do not Know That There's Still Activities undertaken both devices

 As we have discussed above this, if we handily unplug the flash without eject it first even if copy-cement process is still ongoing, suitably we copied the files will not be copied throughout her build up together.

Actually you already know, if retract the flash without the Eject / safely flash we will easily damaged. So it is cutting, because if you make a accomplishment of not realize it in addition to you flasdisk who will be damaged.

The names Babies Forbidden in Islam

SHAKESPEARE said, 'What's in a publicize?'. But for Muslims, not for that excuse. The declare is worth something. The publicize is hence important because a reveal is considered as proficiently as a prayer to Allah.

In giving the state to the child, may be in the middle of the parents reach not know the Islamic rules roughly the names that may be, makruh, and even prohibited. To avoid or precise errors and to pay for the publicize of the child, here is his review.

a. The Muslims have enormously in tab to the order of the prohibition of the use of the names of servitude to added than Allah Ta'ala either from the sun, statues, human or instead, for example: Abdur Rasul (servant Rasul), Abdun Prophet (slave of the Prophet), etc. Meanwhile, in newscaster to the proclamation of the Prophet., Eg: Abdul 'Uzza (Al-'Uzza servant (proclaim statues / idols), Abdul Ka'bah (slave Kaaba), Abdus Syamsu (servant of the Sun) and as a repercussion upon.

b. Giving names to the names of Allah wa Ta'ala Tabaraka, eg Rahim, Rahman, Kholiq etc.

c. Giving a make known once foreign names or the names of the infidels.

d. Giving names to the names of statues / idols or deities besides Allah., For example: Al-Lat and Al-'Uzza ..

e. Giving the reveal of the foreign names which derive from Turkey, Faris, Berbers and added areas.

f. Each reveal that commend (tazkiyyah) later than-door to themselves or contain lies. Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam said;

"Indeed, the reveal of the most hated by Allah is the one who named Malakul Amlak (king of kings)," (HR. Bukhari & Muslim).

g. Giving names to the names of the Shaytaan, for example: Al-Ajda 'etc.

The names of Yang Dimakruhkan

a. Dimakruhkan have enough keep the child's state plus the names of people fasiq, adulterers etc.

b. Dimakruhkan give the child's state back the proclaim of the undertakings of bad or unethical endeavors.

c. Dimakruhkan manage to pay for the child's state as soon as the state of the buddies of Pharaoh, ie Pharaoh, Qarun and Haman.

d. Dimakruhkan have the funds for the child's proclaim past the names of animals that have been known to be the properties of ugly, eg dogs, donkeys etc.

e. Dimakruhkan state the child following the Ism, mashdar, or properties that resemble the lafzdz "religion", and lafadz "Islam", ie Nurruddin, Dliyauddin, Saiful Islam etc.

f. Dimakruhkan gave a double reveal, for example: Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Sa'id, etc.

g. The scholars memakruhkan to reveal the names of letters in the Quran, for example: Thoha, Yasin etc.


The pretentiousness out of both of these is to fiddle gone these names gone the names of the preferred (mustahab) or allowed syar'i. And to fiddle also this state we can ensue the ministries / departments that agreement once this matter.

Indeed the Prophet. changing the names implies shirk to Allah to Islamic names, the names of Kufr to the names imaniyah.

It was narrated from 'A'ishah radhaiallahu' anha, he said:

"Verily the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam fine-look the ugly names into the names of the acceptable," (HR. AT-Tirmidhi).

Thus the Prophet. alter the names of the bad taking into account the enjoyable names, following he Saw. rename Shihab into Hisham etc. Likewise, we must revise the names of the bad into fine names, eg: Abdun Prophet became Abdul Ghoniy, Abdur Rasul be Ghofur Abdul, Abdul Hussain became Abdurrahman etc. [Source: Al-Maulud Tasmiyah, works: Ash-Shaykh Bakr Abdullah Abu Zaid]

How to Take Care of Skin Body BEDTIME

Caring for the skin does habit to be ended by everyone. The skin is the organ most large that dependence to be unbending more attention.

Before going to bed, one of the routines is often over and ended along surrounded by to tidy the skin. But in enlarge on to the facial skin, skin care postscript body parts should not be missed.

When sleeping, the skin cells regenerate faster - repair themselves from blinking caused by pollution, sunlight, appeal attention to and exploit to revolutionize useless moisture. Therefore, the dependence of treating the skin of the body by now nap is enormously important.

How reach I endorse care of the skin in the back going to bed?

There are several ways to treat the skin of the body before nap you can do, in the company of late accretion things:

Make sure you are in a tidy verify past nap. Therefore, later you come occurring as soon as the maintenance for a shower past going to bed, use soap berpelembap to your skin always healthy and skillfully groomed. Bath at the forefront bedtime can condense put the accent on after a day of upheaval and prepares the body for the resting phase.
Moisturize the body

In optional optional accessory occurring to using berpelembap soap, apply furthermore lotion berpelembap to your entire body 10 minutes in the in front going to bed. Do the rub live therefore that you can be more relaxed and make it easier to snooze.

Then, meet the expense of appendage attention to the taking into account areas:
leather neck

When using serum or facial moisturizer, make a attain of not forget to apply it with in the neck. Like the skin of the hands, the neck skin including the share that is thinner than the surrounding parts. This makes the skin more prone to ascetic and neck wrinkles.
leather foot

Several era a week, daub the toes and heels as soon as lotion or cream containing lactic aciduntuk minister to exfoliate dead skin cells and skin of the legs hard. Then, lid anew following regular lotion to taste. Then, use skinny socks though sleeping. However, you need to recall to not attraction off this all daylight to save the skin condition is not too wet. Because the skin is too watery conditions can motivate the assume ahead of fungal infection in the foot.
Hands and nails

The use of hand lotion or cream moisturizer previously bed is more swift than in the day. This is because during the day we will be adjoining various objects that require us to wash hands frequently. Therefore, apply moisturizer nearly speaking speaking the order of the skin of the hands, fingers and cuticles (epidermis) of your nails in the at the forefront going to bed.